Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Drivers Education

 Who said Driving was easy?  

     Many times, we wonder how would my professor or instructor present me with an assessment?  If it's an written or performance assessment.  After, learning the laws, rules of the road and the other main factors and put it into place with your peers makes you realized,  there's so much information with so little time.  When operation a moving vehicles, understanding the signs of what could possible go wrong in any time or day.  Understanding how it operations, to detect how to resolve specific issues that arise.  Why, are these factors important? 
     There are times we might put this off last minute to discuss the main key factors how can I applied what I learned onto the road?   Within today's time, it's amazing we find out based on the facts of statics what take place even though the person knows the rules  of the roads,  there could be times the laws of the roads are forgotten.  

This week Resources:

BY Wednesday 11:59 (Discussion):
    This will be a discussion among all of your peers,  each of you will read and watch the resources I've listen below.  Then within the discussion each of you will stated 
What specific rules or laws of the road need to be changed and why? 
Why is it important to have  the specific rules or laws of the road? 
Be sure to included facts/details to back up your sources/information.  
With APA Style.

BY Sunday 11:59 (Discussion) :
  You are required to respond to three of your classmates after you read your peers posting. Through out the week continue to check on your peers responds. 

BY Sunday 11:59 (Essay):
 You are required to write an essay answering the questions you wrote along with your peers responds, be sure to  back up your responds toward your peers if you feel they are wrong or another factor took place. 

ABC University. With Drivers Education Program

Formative Evaluative Criteria for Discussion Board Assignments

Quality of Work Submitted
A: Exemplary Work

A= 4.00; A- = 3.75

All of the previous, plus the following:
B: Undergrad Level Work
B+ = 3.50; B = 3.00; B- = 2.75

C: Minimal Work

C+ = 2.50; C = 2.00;
C- = 1.75
F: Work Submitted but Unacceptable

F = 1.00
Contribution to the Discussion Community
The student’s contribution meets the assigned criteria further the discussion.

The student takes among themselves to utilize the leadership role.

The students identify other student’s needs.
The student contributes to some of the discussions among their peers.

The student interacts frequently and encourages others in the community.

The student demonstrates an awareness of the community’s needs.
The student’s contribution is minimal to the posting and response deadlines.

Occasionally, the student makes an additional comment.

The student makes minimal effort to become involved within the  community.
The student’s contribution does not meet the assigned criteria

The student discussion or posting is late.

The student doesn’t make an effort to participate among their peers.
Initial Posting: Critical Analysis of Issues

Demonstrates critical thinking and specific details.

Supports content with specific sources to back up the student support for the content.
Relates the topic with the critical thinking with some details.

 A student submitted some specific sources to back up the content within the discussion.
Summarizes or restates discussion topic components with minimal evidence of critical thinking skills.

Provide very minimum feedback and was off topic.

 The post has minimal or no connection to course materials.
Does not relate to the assigned discussion topic.

The post does not summarize or contain a connection to required readings or course materials..

Responses: Quality of Learning for Teacher and self

Provide specific, constructive, and supportive feedback to extend peers’ thinking.

Encourage continued and deeper discussion.

 Offer additional resources or experiences.

Demonstrate exemplary evidence of personal learning as a result of interaction with colleagues.
Provide constructive and supportive feedback to peers.

Refer to sources from required readings and course materials.

Demonstrate satisfactory evidence of personal learning as a result of interaction with colleagues.
Provide minimal support for peers

Demonstrate minimal evidence of personal learning as a result of interaction with colleagues.
Provide agreement without substance or connection to required readings or course materials.

Demonstrate no evidence of personal learning as a result of interaction with colleagues.
Provides clear, concise opinions and ideas effectively written in Standard Edited English.

Includes appropriate APA-formatted citations and reference list for outside sources and direct quotes.

Provides clear opinions and ideas written in Standard Edited English.

Includes satisfactory APA-formatted citations and reference list for outside sources and direct quotes.
Expression is unclear or interrupted by errors.

Includes minimal or no APA-formatted citations and reference list for outside sources and direct quotes.
Unacceptable written expression.

May include outside sources and direct quotes that lack appropriate citations. 
Final Assignment Grade

A: Exemplary Work

B: Undergrad work
C: Minimal Work
F: Work Submitted but Unacceptable
Walden University (2015) Any outside sources that is being used must be cited in APA style, utilized as your resource to back up you information.


N/A (2015) US Department of Transporation: Critical Reasons for Crashes Investigated in the National Motor Vehicle Crash Causation Survey. Retreived from:

N/A (2015) Driving Safety tips by Safety Animation: Safety Animation. retrieved from: 

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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Plagiarism Detection & Prevention

What plagiarism detection software is available to online instructors?

Plagium-this program free of charge however only up to 250 characters

TurnItIn-this software has been pretty popular; it also can detect plagiarism.

Dupli Checker- this software you only have to cut and paste, receive an analysis report.

iThenticate- this software is mainly for professional writing and scholarly research

Plagiarism Checker-this software where educator could cut and past certain phases that will search through google or yahoo.

Plagiarismdetect- this software you could either cut and paste or upload it compares to most of the software and their private database software is downloaded to your desktop, it has a search box.

Even Plagiarism Detection System- this software they stated is one of the oldest detection plagiarism software. However, this one is required to be paid for.

Depending on the needs for those who need this specific software and the price and their features is how it is chosen for the educational facility.

How can the design of assessments help prevent academic dishonesty?

Everyone thinks that specific software design helps prevent academic dishonesty.   The question you need to ask yourself, is there a guarantee you will catch all of the academic dishonesty?

“Consistency: By several measures, the study found Turnitin flagging more papers for review than Safe Assign. For example, of the 400 papers reviewed, Turnitin found that 46 had 26-50 percent unoriginal material, compared to 18 identified by SafeAssign. Turnitin flagged 152 papers as having between 11 and 25 percent unoriginal material while SafeAssign found only 55 papers in this category. This means the researchers said, that students engaged in the same kind of work (or questionable work) might get treated in different ways at different colleges, suggesting a lack of consensus about academic misconduct.

False positives: Many of the phrases or sentences flagged by both services -- but especially the greater number identified by Turnitin -- weren't plagiarism, but were cases in which certain phrases appeared for legitimate reasons in many student papers. For example, the researchers found high percentages of flagged Material in the topic terms of papers (for example "global warming") or "topic phrases," which they defined as the paper topic with a few words added (for example "the prevalence of childhood obesity continues to rise.” (Jaschik, S.,2009)

What facilitation strategies do you propose to use as a current or future online instructor?

My suggestion of there’s no specific facilitation strategies for any online instructor.  The reason I state that because to take into consideration of a lot of factors.  What type of learners are you going to have?  What type of technology sources that is available?  What are the objectives for the course?

What additional considerations for online teaching should be made to help detect or prevent cheating and plagiarism?

To prevent cheating or plagiarism,  it’s extremely important to cite your work.  I must say during my Master Program is when I’ve gotten more comfortable citing my work and not feel as it’s to complicated to cite your work.  If you emphasize how important this is to your students and teach them all the sources to assist them with citing their work it would assist


Jaschik, S, (2009) False Positives on Plagiarism. Insider Higher Ed. Retrieved from:

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Impact of Technolgy and Multimedia Related to Online Teaching and Learning.

What impact do technology and multimedia have on online learning environments?

“For many, the typical classroom experience is a teacher imparting his or her wisdom through lecture and presentation.  This one-way, wisdom communication tradition has resulted in transmission of knowledge since the dawn of time.  Yet, increasingly, it is being challenged.  Educational technology has the ability to go beyond audio.  Not only can they present multiple media, but they can also prompt the learner to contemplate information, perform tasks, refine thinking, and demonstrate understanding.  Multiple modalities (audio, visual and active learning) make this possible. “ (Marshall, J, 2002)

Technology and multimedia have a major impact with online learning environments.  It gives multiple ways your learners would be able to process the materials.   Keep in mind there are multiple sources to utilize for online learning, remember not to overload your course where you lose your online learners.

What are the most important considerations an online instructor should make before implementing technology?

Like I said once before, it’s extremely important not to pick too much multimedia, or software, where you might overload yourself and throughout the process, you end up losing your students through the whole process as well.    “Just pick one of three that are best suited for your learning goals and discipline and learn those.  Remember the tools are constantly changing, but hey usually get much easier and many of them are free.” (Boettcher, J & Conrad, R, 2010)

What implications do usability and accessibility of technology tools have for online teaching?

     I must admit in order to make all your technology tools, usability and accessibility for online teaching,  two things keep in mind.  When you have multimedia, be sure all of them are either closed caption or has a transcript and also for documentations it would be best they are either in Word or PDF format because for those who are blind they have a program that does the reading for them.   It may be a lot of work, but in the end you are reaching the needs for all types of learners using all types of online tools and software.

What technology tools are most appealing to you for online teaching as you move forward in your career in instructional design?

       The technology tools that are appealing to me for online teaching would be the course announcement, discussion board monitoring and feedback and the Gradebook along with the communication tools that merges in with the course management system that goes along with Blackboard.  However, I’m in the process of learning about other LMS software what they provide and offer out there.  If they have the basic technology tools along with able to add audio tools with transcript or closed caption, podcast, blogs and wikis then I would use that particular software.


Boettcher, J. V., & Conrad, R. (2010). The online teaching survival guide: Simple and practical pedagogical tips. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

Marshal, John (2002).  Learning with Technology: Evidence that technology can, and does, support learning. San Diego, CA: San Diego University

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Incorporating Games and Simulations

Games and simulations can provide powerful and engaging experiences for online learners. Based on what you have learned this week, what are your thoughts about the value of incorporating games and/or simulations into the learning experience? Reflect on the benefits and drawbacks of gaming in an online learning context.

Since we are in the 21st Century and to take into fact that technology is a major impact on each individual online learner.  However, in order to take into consideration to reach each and every online learner, there are other resources that teachers and professors are taking into consideration in order to reach those students. This is where, “simulations and games are teaching, learning methods in which participants are directly involved in making decisions and learning from the outcomes of these.  They're active, student center natural means that they are memorable and highly motivating.  They enable the exploration of the complex nature of the real world and interdisciplinary, interacting subjects as well as the more basic needs of understanding of the Games, doing and skill practice” (Society for Advancement of Games and Simulations in Education and Training, 2002)  (2011, Conrad & Donaldson)
If we establish follow through our checklist we know it would be an effective game or stimulation which allows the learners be more engage and interactive.  We would reach the other fifty percent learners that we cannot reach by standard online learning environment.  Mainly prior the checklist, have your objectives established first,  secondly understanding the different levels of interactivity, understanding the instructional strategies, specific course structure.
Also to determine if it’s effective successful online learning game or simulation:
  1. “Is the student directly involved in making decision and learning from the outcomes?
  2. Does the activity enable exploration of the complex nature of the real world? 
Example:  Medical Surgery interactive simulation or games for those who are doing surgery or learning the specific techniques etc.  Or even today Driver’s Education class or Flight School.
  1. Does the game include tasks that provide elements of engagement, decision making, and knowledge acquisition from a new perspective?
  2. Does the simulation activity required students to role-play or to assume a new perspective?
  3. Does the game or simulation provide a safe environment for exploration?”(2011, Conrad & Donaldson)

In order to have an effective game or simulation it critical important you keep all factors into parallel with the critique of the ADDIE review.  Why is that?  Well, think about it, if you are missing what important factor of the checklist plus the ADDIE criteria do you think the game or simulation would be valid or effective? Keep in mind it cannot just be fun, we have to maintain on target along with our objectives and etc.  It takes a lot to consider in order to really get your learners to a explore learning in a different strategy.

I came across this video which explains the vision and the theory of having games and simulation how technology could make it expand and simulate your students connection with all the resources we provide and how it keeps them engaged.

Conrad, R., & Donaldson, J. A. (2011). Engaging the online learner: Activities and resources for creative instruction (Updated ed.). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Learning Online Experience

What is the significance of knowing the technology available to you?
It’s critically important to understand knowing about the availability of all technology available to me and my students.  Also, knowing what is compatible to both version MAC and PC.  It’s best to make it easy access for my students due to the fact the frustration of technology may turn them off and I will lose them within the first two weeks of the class.  Also, another fact is to understand how specific technology and software work.  Keep in mind not all software is compatible with specific technologies. There may be other factors that are required to have in order to have the specific program running. In order to assist knowing you covered all your technology, materials,  use this checklist to make sure you are covered.
Why is it essential to communicate clear expectations to learners?
Due to the fact, the first, foremost you have no clue why type of students you may come across.  My advice as we all know to prevent misunderstanding or other issues are addressed you your learners as a variety exceptional learners.  Be direct and on point to your learners.  One thing I’ve learned over the years, is there a specific way of wording your communication dialogue?  Actually there is not if you stick to direct and on point of the topic,  there’s always going to be someone who processes the information differently.  Advise your students that no question is stupid.  Teach each student how you want them to communicate with you and their peers.  Some students have no clue, others have no problem.
What additional considerations should the instructor take into account when setting up an online learning experience?
There’s two things I’ve learned,  try not to over do or under do when setting up  your account.  Try to keep it simple as possible and straight to the point.  Have specific objectives and maintain in that direction.  Don’t try to make the account like a maze, you will lose your students within the five minutes.  Think of the variety of learners and try to keep in where you can grasp all of your learners.
N/A (N/A) Technology skills checklist for online Assessment. Retrieved from

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Welcome Aboard!

Where shall I begin?

Welcome,  the first place you would start is your  Syllabus,  this would be your main game plan to use throughout the course. You would find on the left hand side,  click the Materials link then Syllabus is the second link down.  Make sure you have the latest Adobe Reader on your computer.  If you are not able to read the syllabus, then download this link first before clicking the Syllabus link.   Within this document you will find all the important sources that is required, which is the University Policies  attendance policies,  make up work,  the  course objectives  & requirements, and the University’s  calendar dates,  due date on your assignments and discussion topics. 

At the beginning it may feel a little overwhelming but if you if you pace yourself a little each day you will have time to spare to review your materials as well as meeting your deadlines.   It is best to review your syllabus and course materials,  if your  not sure or need clarification feel  free to ask.   Take the time to navigate through all the links, by beginning with the Syllabus. 

Procedures for your first Assignment:

-   You will be writing a essay state why you are taking this class based on your review of the course performance goals and outcome and prepare your own performance goals.    Also how will you use the context which you plan to use your knowledge, skills and perspective of this course in the near future. please do not state because you have to, give details why you are taking this class and how you will apply the context in the future.   Please share your reason for taking this course and what you plan on learning throughout your journey.     Be sure your paper is double space and is in APA format.  

     Ø         -     I would like for you to upload a video of yourself spelling your name and stating one word that describes yourself.   You will be recording it through YouTube.   Click this link for tutorial (  Don’t worry you could make it private, where you will be submitting your link on your paper as well.

-Submit your Assignment in WEEK 1:  Application,  by Wednesday  11:59 pm

If you have any questions or problems feel free to email me at or call me at 754-222-1980.  Hours between 8-5, it’s best to email me first, to confirm if I’m available at that time.